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About me

I’ve always been a happy chil and I had many secret wishes maybe the biggest one was becoming a professional photographer. When I was a child I often had a flip through magazines of photography books and I dreamed to take  as beautiful pictures as those I looked there. I hold my first camera in my hand when I was 24 years old and from then on I’ve never stopped to take pictures  of the world that surrounds me.













Photography has always been for me a way to express my own freedom.

Art is freedom. I love painting, architecture and movies.

Creativity is a very precious thing and it must be feeded with our own life and experiences.


Wedding Photographer

I didn’t know what it meant taking pictures during a wedding ceremony;

I did my first wedding for a friend, I was 28 years old.
I am a person who is in love with love; I love feelings, emotions I think they are the most precious gift that mankind can have.
It was love at first sight.
Feeling, emotions can be dramatic, sometimes even theatrical or intangibile just like my style which is sometimes fine and stylish sometimes really esplosive.
I don’t think that in the field of photography I’ll take pictures of something different from catching feelings and emotions because I’m really in tune with them.​



2018 - Silver Award wedding photojournalism of 


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